Lie Solo

from by Party Gardens



I fell but not far from the tree
In-between memories of wishing things were just a little different
Even though they couldn't be

Is it in the books or is it in the streets?
I can't tell the difference
Where is this light I'm supposed to see?

This time this day is wishing that it were night
Even while the wisdom of the world in a whirlpool of the eye
If I could only see what everybody sees
Every tree is different growth is giving from the leaves

And every part of me is a little part of you

I'm not afraid to love to love like
I've never been afraid that I'll die
I know that it will happen in my life
So why worry
I've never been a crook
I don't wanna lie solo

Is it right in front of me or underneath the seed?

I've never been a crook no not me
And even if I was what would I steal?
Every little treasure that I see
It ain't real I can't own anything


from Moon, released March 27, 2015
Written By Party Gardens
Produced by Chris Kasych, Party Gardens And Bob Hoag
Tracked by Chris Kasych At Seahorse Sound Studios And Bob Hoag At Flying Blanket Recordings
Artwork By Christian Alonzo



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Party Gardens Los Angeles, California

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